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Rules for Submission

General Rules

These rules must be followed for any submission, regardless of what type of site it is.
  • Be sure to check if your link has been added already. Please don't submit the same link multiple times!
  • Make sure that that page URL is correct when you submit.
  • No excessively unfinished/under construction sites. At least one page of content must be complete.
  • Spam, trolling and content-less pages will not be accepted.
  • No hate content. This includes, but is not limited to: slurs, death threats, incitement to commit a hate crime, etc.
  • No new anti-character/pairing/series sites will be accepted. Mentioning that you don't like a character on your page is fine, but if your site is dedicated to hating a character, pairing, or series, it will not be approved. All current anti-sites have been grandfathered in for the sake of archival purposes.
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Fansites are sites which are dedicated to an anime/manga/Japanese video game, or multiple series.
  • About me and credit pages do not 'count' towards a site being considered personal if they are on a site that is otherwise dedicated to a particular series.
  • Sites dedicated solely to western-made animation will not be considered, regardless of if they 'look' like anime e.g. Avatar/Legend of Korra, W.I.T.C.H. Wakfu etc. Fansites of western-made series that have a Japanese-origin, such as Dreamworks Voltron: Legendary Defender, will also not be considered. However, fansites dedicated to their original Japanese-originated media are fine. Conversely, Japanese-made anime with Western origins, eg. Powerpuff Girls Z, are allowed, provided that the site/page focuses on the Japanese shows. Japanese-Western joint productions e.g. The Mysterious Cities of Gold, are allowed.
  • Tumblr and other short-form blogs may be considered if the majority of the content is original(non-reblogs) and is presented in a similar fashion to a long-form blog, and can be accessed by people who do not have an account on the service.
  • Long-form blogs will be accepted, provided that they follow the above rules.
  • Twitter and other social media profiles will not be accepted.
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Personal Sites

Personal sites are sites which contain some amount of anime / manga / Japanese video game content, but also contain other content.
  • Your page or site must contain at least one page's worth of anime/manga/Japanese video game content. Simply having an anime gif on your about page doesn't count.
  • Personal blogs, tumblr, twitter and other social media profiles will not be accepted.
  • Like-wise, if your page merely exists as an extension to a social media profile, e.g. an about page for your twitter account, it will not be accepted.
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Commercial / Industry

All industry or commercial sites. This includes official websites, company homepages, stores and online shopping, production and distribution sites.
  • Tumblr, twitter and other social media profiles will not be accepted. For shopping sites, this includes ebay or amazon profiles.
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All miscellaneous sites, or sites which do not fit in any of the above categories. This includes but is not limited to doujinshi and fanzines, doujin and indie games, traditional gaming, web games, adoptions and dolls, vocaloid/UTAU, seiyuu / voice actors and Japanese bands or singers.
  • All sites must be about, contain, or be related to Japanese pop-culture in some way.
  • Please specify in the comments about what kind of site it is.
  • Tumblr, twitter and other social media profiles will not be accepted.
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